Born (France - X044) Rémi d'Aubigné, fils, with no middle names to speak of (and later shortened and edited at the request of Management to his current stage name, Rémi d'Aubigne). In his youth, he was a skilled and well-known classical ballet danseur, partnered with the talented and lovely young Madeleine Noverre (whom he met in France). He was certainly in the Prime of his life (or at least his professional career), although it didn't all go downhill from there.

Certainly there was a Hitch when he happily introduced Ms. Noverre to a close friend, Sergei Shafirov (a friend he met while living in Russia); just a small hitch, anyways, when the two promptly ran off together and left him in the dust.

Not that it made him bitter. His career and life marched on.

He travelled and toured many countries during his performance career, but spent most of his time living in either France or Russia. During his twenties, he experimented a bit with other dance styles, picking up professional training in most forms of standardized ballroom dance (and also getting into parkour for a time, his excuse being it was for focus and strength work).

There wasn't very much contact between the two ex-dance partners (as the couple moved quite a bit), until many years later they (Sergei and Madeleine) settled down and began a family. Or "settled down" in the loosest sense of the word, as they both still had strong careers; somehow in the rush, Rémi stumbled in the door as impromptu babysitter/father figure to their child, Alexei, despite his own busy dance career.

Not too long after, Madeleine and Sergei received a tempting proposal and sought to move. His ex-partner came to him with an offer to follow them to Step City. He accepted--a little grudgingly, but his career had since wound down. He left behind what little family he had left, settled there, taught a bit, led a pleasant life. As the years moved on (~X084), he found his performance career picking up again, thanks to the S.T.E.P. project.

During the events of V-Day (age 42), he was one of the many unfortunates inside an unstable building. It collapsed on him and many others, and although he survived, he was trapped for many hours. He spent many months in the hospital afterwards (although his injuries have since healed), and did not immediately recognize his newfound abilities. The results were more immediate around him, and once again he was left in the dust as Madeleine and Sergei de-aged and ran off. She asked a happy favour (yet another), and he grudgingly--again--obliged, tutoring her son, Alexei, and his newfound ability to dance.

He hasn't (for the most part) danced in public since V-day. Certainly not performed.

In the last few years before the War of '99, Rémi was unwillingly involved in some of the Mafia's seedier work--and politics--under the influence of one of the old Don's many less-than pleasant bosses. During the War, said boss disappeared (presumed dead), and his followers were left scattered and stripped of power following it, allowing Rémi to slip back into the shadows and return to his honest work as a ballet instructor. He has always abhorred becoming involved with Mafia politics and work outside of teaching its youngest and brightest, and now more so than ever.

In spite of his unhappy history with the owners, he does appreciate the backing and support the Bratva gives him and possesses a strong loyalty to the establishment. Otherwise, Rémi's loyalty is to specific people, and he has no ardour for the Funk Mafia cause as a whole (despite having always lived in the Purple District, and having joined the Mafia as soon as its inception [through the urging of the Bratva]). He is very tolerant in that he hates everything equally, regardless of faction or other categorizing method. Because of these many factors, he did not directly participate in the confrontation in '99, both because by this time he had withdrawn from dancing in public, and because he had no interest in supporting the insanity. He did see action, but most of the parts he played (the parts he has almost always played for the Mafia) were ones of support for the Bratva.



Rémi is Wolverine in the morning.

Impressions are important, and asking around about the man, nearly any mafioso will tell you he is an intensely unpleasant old man with a foul temper and fouler mouth. He gets along with few individuals, and is antisocial and not often seen in public. A mug stuck in a perpetual scowl, which is only occasionally replaced with a sneer when he talks.

Truly, he is not a chatty individual, but despite how he comes off, he is not completely anti-social. He's not against someone striking up a conversation with him, provided they're pleasant company. However, he always looks perpetually unimpressed.

He can also be crabby and/or moody, especially on little to no sleep. He is not much of a night-owl and goes to bed rather early, but on the flip side, labelling him as "not a morning person" is a painfully immense understatement. On work days, he is usually on auto-pilot (or perhaps he's sleepwalking) for his first (and sometimes second) hour of wakefulness, and is not a very pleasant person if roused from it. During this half-awake state, he is prone to making toaster waffles, and applying toothpaste to objects other than toothbrushes.

The man tends to roll his eyes often, and has an innate skill at deflecting insults (usually so they land on others around him, much to their chagrin); he can be witty, and is not above using his cane as a blunt weapon. He is short temptered and easily annoyed (although it's quite difficult to truly anger him), but annoyingly level-headed and calm when it suits him.

It's a wonder anyone can stand him. Naturally, most can't. He has very few friends (see: two one, possibly three tops), and is just as likely to snark needlessly at them as he is at a stranger.

Dance \ Vibe styleEdit


Rémi is retired professionally due to being restricted to the use of a cane. In his hay-day he was a famous classical ballet dancer, although he held himself well in many forms of ballroom dance (all basic forms of American Style Competition Dance), and later in life, tap.

He has lost quite a bit of mobility to age, and will not dance in public or for anyone (the only people who see him dance--or at least go through the motions--often, are his students). He is still fairly spry (just not nearly as spry as he would wish), and does still dance (for himself and to stay fit); he separates dance styles when dancing recreationally, but has also been known to take what he can still do from his various areas of dance expertise and combine them, although he is often forced to rely heavily on his cane. It is often tiring on him, and attempting anything particularly strenuous can cause a thrown back or hip. Or both. It's not fun.

It should also be noted that he does not accept challenges. Most anyone who attempts to challenge him to a Dance Battle receives a cane to the knees.

He uses his cane due to arthritis in his left knee; although it is currently well controlled and does not bother him greatly day to day (he can walk without a cane for moderate periods of time), it does considerably limit his range of motion and lifting strength. Overall, he finds more problems with his back. It's easily strained.

He began learning more tap when his back problems restricted his abilities in ballet; he later gave it up for the most part when he began developing arthritis in his knee.

Rémi is actually rather interested in swing, however he has no formal training and isn't currently willing to learn.


He mimics vibe abilities and leeches vibe energy. That's it. That's all you need to know. His vibe ability isn't well-regarded in today's society (especially for those who consider your vibe your 'soul'). See: "Vibe-pire". Also his eyes turn purple when he uses his abilities. Want to learn more and see a wall of text? Click 'expand'.

His Vibe power allows him to copy the vibe of users around him. Usage of his Vibe, however, takes time and patience. Once he starts ‘mimicking’ the vibe of a user near him, although he can begin utilizing it immediately, it is weak. He requires time to gain power in his newly copied vibe.

An apt visualization of this is his vibe force reaching out and touching the vibe forces around him. They mix, slowly, and his vibe transforms to mimic the Parent Vibe. This is why he gains their powers slowly. The longer he is nearby, the longer his vibe mixes and slowly converts to the Parent Vibe’s element. This dilute and mix technique means the parent loses no perceivable vibe (although they may experience a very small, initial dip in energy before it rises to normal). Once the vibes no longer touch, Rémi’s vibe begins to destabilize, and lose the elements of the Parent Vibe, returning to normal. Rémi’s vibe requires the (at least the initial) presence of the Parent Vibe (a “vibe signature” to mimic) in order to work.

Dancing while “leeching” (actively copying Vibes) allows him to gain the Vibe’s full power considerably faster than if he were to simply stand nearby (standing takes upwards of 20 minutes before his Mimic rivals the strength of the Parent Vibe; dancing can take as quickly as five minutes). A visualization is that the vibes “mix” faster, more chaotically due to the dance. As a result, the initial dip in power that the Parent Vibe user experiences is sharper, although it again normalizes just as quickly. Continued dance also allows him to “hold” the vibe ability for longer, and decrease the rate at which he loses them once the Parent Vibe holder has left the vicinity.

At any rate, it is important to note that he does not gain any knowledge or insight into how to use the abilities copied (although he is a quick study); this can be dangerous if the ability has an automatic manifestation that is not “off” by default.

Unfortunately for Rémi, his leeching ability is turned on by default, and he has to consciously think about it to keep from taking on other's powers (this isn't so much a problem unless the parent vibe user's power is aggressive, difficult to control, or automatically always turned 'on'). He has gotten quite skilled that the thoughts are near subconscious, however stress and strong emotion can override this.

Normally, Rémi’s leeching targets the closest person within ten feet of him. However, at will, he can target anyone within ten to fifteen feet (any farther is a difficult stretch) of him; they do not need to be in his line of sight (although he can’t target through walls). He has a very mild vibe-sense if he concentrates.

Rémi can also target multiple subjects and leech many vibes at once, however each ability dilutes his vibe supply (he has to stretch it over all the abilities he has copied). Taking more than one ability is disorienting for him normally, and can also be extremely dangerous, depending on the number of abilities copied and their nature (especially if two conflict violently, although this can usually be avoided if he refrains from activating the conflicting abilities at the same time--assuming they both come with an ‘off’ setting). Too many vibes can overwhelm him. In the mildest case, it can give him a terrible migraine. In extreme cases...

Overall, stress causes vibes in the area (especially too many within ten feet) to give him headaches. The best thing for him in this case, is for everyone to back the fuck up and leave him be for a bit. In cases of extreme stress and anger, he’s been known to lose control and leech multiple vibes at once. This rarely ends well.

When leeching, Rémi’s eyes will change colour from brown to purple, starting from the inner iris and moving outwards. When he’s reached “max”, they glow. He also takes on any physical manifestations of the vibe copied, should there be any.

Lastly, as noted above, Rémi cannot steal vibe from other users from a distance, he is only able to copy the ability. However, he can actively drain vibe from users if he makes and maintains skin contact with them. Through this, he also gains their vibe ability in a manner different from the “dilute and mix” method above (sucking the vibe straight from the source, and allowing him to gain the abilities at a more accelerated rate); he also gains the stolen vibe energy itself, although he can also disperse it harmlessly into the ground or air at will (although he still retains the vibe ability). He rarely holds onto much of the vibe he absorbs (in the few instances that he has used this area of his abilities), firstly because he dislikes this “vibe vampire” area of his abilities, and secondly because gathering too much vibe (in this manner, as opposed to generating it naturally via dance) tends to make him extremely high, and then he crashes. Painfully. It sucks.

Fortunately, he doesn’t actively leech on skin-contact (he can activate it at will); especially favourable, as he loathes this ability with a passion. Very few people take kindly to his “vibe vampirism”, and so he rarely uses it. He’d rather people hate him because he’s an asshole, not due to his vibe ability, something he never chose.

Rémi can also be treated as a “Vibe Sink”. Without actively draining people of their vibe, other users (again requiring skin contact) can ‘dump’ excess vibe into him (and he, in turn, can disperse it harmlessly). Sadly, he still gains their abilities.

He is unable to purge gained vibe abilities from his system at will. He must lose then naturally (once he’s shut off his ‘leeching’, and he isn’t dancing); it usually doesn’t take longer than ten minutes.

Character RelationsEdit

Rémi often has trouble with social interaction, if it isn't obvious. He has trouble expressing himself, and rarely gets along with people. Although he doesn't hold grudges, there are many people he just can't get along with. To befriend Rémi means putting up with his constant insults. Rémi addresses most people by their surname, unless he a) doesn't know their name (in which case he usually assigns them an amusing nickname [although he'll often assign them one even if he does know their name, just for funsies]), or b) considers them close friends (or friends at all).

Funk MafiaEdit

Alexei Shafirov-Noverre: Rémi has spent most of Alexei's life standing in for both of his parental figures, and regards him as the closest thing he has to a son. Though he often nitpicks and yells at him, they are quite close--so close that Alexei refuses to move out, much to Rémi's chagrin; occasionally Rémi will attempt to send him a hint by changing the locks. He usually addresses Alexei as "Lexei" or "Lex" when they're on good terms, and "Shafirov" when they're not. To Alexei, Rémi is "Uncle Rémi".

Mr. Harold Brown: His best friend and significant other. One of the closest things Rémi has to a friend. Somehow, Brown isn't completely turned off by Rémi's usually ill-tempered and gruff behaviour. In return, Rémi is overall more pleasant to the man, and, although still often crude, at least towards Harold he means most of his remarks in jest. Rémi genuinely likes the man (although he hates it when Harold uses his vibe to pop in and out in the middle of conversations), and he is one of the few people he'll crack a grin for. Rémi addresses him as "Harold". They often spend time together drinking tea and complaining about Frankie. He is amused by Harold's sass.

Phoenix: Another one of the extremely few people Rémi can stand. Brown and Phoenix are basically Rémi's Besties, and everyone else can go to hell. He is another person Rémi often drinks tea with, and will try to curb his language around, and he is the only other person (besides Harold) who can get a grin out of Rémi. He refers to him as "Phoenix" (or by about a dozen different nicknames), and likes Phoenix's natural gingery auburn hair colour.

He is taking Phoenix's recent death very hard, and has been appearing in public even less than usual. Which is to say, not at all.

Frankie Valentine: Most of the time, Rémi genuinely cannot stand the man. He has made attempts, on occasion, to be nice, but they have always occurred in the wrong situations and have never ended in anything other than disaster. The few times they've managed to work their way up to Civil Conversation, Rémi has been the one to ruin the moment. When Frankie's pleasant to Rémi, Rémi is churlish and snippy. When Rémi attempts to be civil with Frankie, it's usually forced and unpleasant, and timed when Frankie is already in a fit of rage. Rémi almost always refers to him as "Valentine", although once or twice in an attempt to be polite, he's called him "Frankie".

Cross: Phoenix's friend, definitely not Rémi's. But as the both of them often spend time around Phoenix, they see each other often enough. He babysits Cross's adopted kid, Alan. Rémi finds him annoying, drunk and stupid (although Cross seems to either pass out or find a way to knock himself out before he gets too annoying--Rémi likes this about him), but doesn't exactly hate him; it helps that Cross seems to like Rémi's snarky remarks. Sadly, Rémi has turned down all his highfives thus far. But perhaps one day. He calls him "the scruffy one" (despite Cross's recent haircut), or "Phoenix's drunk". Mostly just calls him "hey", at this point.

Laron Fitch: He doesn't know him very well, and has already probably forgotten his name. He doesn't find him particularly interesting, but at least he doesn't hate him. Yet. Thus far he's "that guy Phoenix invited along to tea". What's with the spider motifs?

Jacqueline Daily: A sweet kid. Upon interacting with a drunken Jack Daily once, he gave her some advice about not letting others treat her like a child, which somehow, inadvertantly translated into advice about wearing leather pants more? Huh.

Mr. Peterson : Meredith's father, a man from Rémi's past (they "met through tango"); they're acquaintances, friends rather, although Peterson's definitely the more enthusiastic one of the friendship. He certainly doesn't seem like the kind of person Rémi would normally get along with, but somehow he tolerates the man's eccentricities, although he tends to steer Peterson away from his other friends (holy fuck, what would they think of him if they knew he was friends with this whackjob?). He rounds out Rémi's Trio of Redheaded Friends nicely. They don't hang out very often (their interests outside of tango rarely overlap), but occasionally get drinks. He was never much a fan of the man's wife.


Joule: Rémi won't deny knowing this kid, but he won't elaborate if asked. He knows him as "Craig", and "that little shit that used to draw on my walls".

Roller BanditosEdit

Bit: Spunky.


Meredith Peterson: Rémi used to occasionally babysit her when she was much younger--although he's sure she doesn't remember. Rémi is old friends with her father (Mr. Peterson), who sent her along last year to make sure Rémi didn't fall back into his usual antisocial ways, and drag him to the New Years Gala. Naturally Peterson's intentions were innocent, even if it did look like he was trying to pimp his daughter. That man is a bit off. At any rate, Rémi finds Meredith to be charming, pleasant company, and has made an effort not to be a jerk around her.

Alan Cross: Cross's kid. Rémi babysits him from time to time, and they seem to get along. Probably because Rémi aint chatty, and Alan can't talk. At least not in the traditional sense. As long as that kid doesn't use his vibe for Evil and startle the life out of Rémi. They often play chess or videogames. Or sit quietly and read. Probably the most behaved child he's ever had to deal with, except when he decides to run away.

Current EventsEdit

On-Going Edit

  • As a result of the flares, although 57, his body is physically 50; he has less grey hair and the progression of his arthritis has been reversed quite drastically. Despite this, he still heavily uses his cane in hopes that "this time around", he can slow the progression
  • Harold was supposed to teach him how to use this swordcane thing; what happened to that, huh, there was supposed to be bonding going on
  • Started dating Harold Brown
  • Learning a bit of swing~


  • Harold got him glasses for his presbyopia
  • Phoenix gifted him with one of his old cellphones
  • Phoenix optomized his motorcycle during the flares; it purrs like a kitten and he hasn't had a single problem with it since
  • While in a younger body during the flares, Phoenix and Harold taught him a bit of the Lindy Hop; he's interested in learning more swing, however hasn't asked
  • Re-injured his already bad back; is still recovering
  • Went through a bad period following Phoenix's death; although he seems alright, it's still a very raw subject for him
  • Finished giving Harold Brown tango lessons

Soundtrack Edit

Get Over It - The Eagles

I'll Walk Alone - Jo Stafford

Young at Heart - Bing Crosby

Even in the Quietest Moments - Supertramp

Words Unspoken - Supertramp

I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Scissor Sisters

Everybody Loves You Now - Billy Joel

Tin Soldier - Small Faces

You Were The One - Billy Joel

And So It Goes - Billy Joel

My Friend - Charlie Kunz

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen - Al Bowlly

I Won't Dance - Frank Sinatra


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Miscellaneous InformationEdit

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  • Theme song: Even In The Quietest Moments - Supertramp

  • Now owns a cellphone, although he hardly ever uses it (where people can see), and few people have his number.

  • Rémi now also has reading glasses. He is horribly farsighted (presbyopia) without them.

  • Owns a motorcycle, although he prefers walking most places, unless they're out of the way.

  • Is fluent in French (he was raised bilingually in French and English), but his Russian is terrible.

  • Knows cane fu, which is purely self-defence with a cane against assailants armed without a cane.

  • Historically a bit of a brawler (amusingly tempered with ballet) when it came to fights (completely untrained, just has a strong arm going for him and some snappy dance moves to back it up). Otherwise, very strong dancer, but he rarely accepts dance battle challenges anyways.

  • He also teaches ballet in a Russian Mafia-styled subfaction building of the Funk Mafia. Yeah.

  • Although very antisocial and rarely in the public eye anymore (or seen in public at all, especially not for social functions), he is well-connected with prominent Funk Mafia families. He knows everyone's parents. It's scary. He's apparently on "old friends" terms with many of them, although he rarely considers these people his actual "friends". He still feels obligated to do favours for them, though. Grudgingly.